Bài 1 Giới thiệu Về Photoshop và Workspace | Photoshop CC 2020 Căn Bản cho người mới bắt đầu
Welcome back to the Party’s YouTube channel in video law . Today I continue to guide and introduce you to the software . Photoshop as you know, PhotBài 1 Giới thiệu Về Photoshop và Workspace | Photoshop CC 2020 Căn Bản cho người mới bắt đầu
Welcome back to the Party’s YouTube channel in video law . Today I continue to guide and introduce you to the software . Photoshop as you know, Phot

Bài 1 Giới thiệu Về Photoshop và Workspace | Photoshop CC 2020 Căn Bản cho người mới bắt đầu

Welcome back to the Party’s YouTube channel in video law . Today I continue to guide and introduce you to the software . Photoshop as you know, Photoshop software is an editing software . Very strong image of Adobe in today’s lesson I will introduce to . you about Photoshop software as well as the workspace due to the working interface . of Photoshop software as well as many other Adobe software . Photoshop software looks very familiar and it is the same with almost all . Other software that you can use on your screen are here . is a Microsoft software that has just started n Photoshop short version 2020 . In short, on the 2020 version, the screen is big . At the shop, you can see it as garbage and your Enemy or choose an import file in . Here comes the careless machine As in this new few open 12 already available.

Either you can open the file on the iCloud or Adobe firm or you . Can open on your computer has been saved many earlier today I will introduce . Show you an overview of the interface like Photoshop software here is interface . software interface Photoshop version 2020, miss you guys . a free Photoshop version 21.1.19 Yeah as well as other software . Adobe Photoshop also has an optimized interface for users through very . For many versions, the 2020 version I feel is climbing usage of the background . Photoshop is quite complete and catchy on the sound. Here are the menus . Please like other software edit file IMA layer ties strix 3D movie hu Windows . With a pig, the bottom of the menu bar is a lumpy castle like the part 2 little Shin . That person, Or because of the Control Bar on Exciter, you can always shop.

The Ocean bar Ie it contains all the information of the objects as well . the drawing tool as you work, it will display information on the Jackie Chan . is still in your yard you press and yes, man is a very toolbox . It’s familiar, a remote mobile screen robot you also technology in Windows to . Open the Grand Toolbox on this left home with this friend as the toolbox . You are this the default workspace of Photoshop . Mr. Nam Dinh, Vinh Phuc help space There are many tools lying around . When you see the middle boy is a messy home workspace looking like this . But the color is white. That means that Hanh bo doesn’t do this . Watch the movie Legend on your right in the upper corner, it has the Face bar . is that there are many workspaces to help you write down the work row . in my different designs that are most suitable for all of you.

It is possible to create a new spin pool to save the spin box. For the next day it can . Working examples give me something College then how to spend I pulled the citadel . For part 3, I have to this is the default Face powder, the right hand side is out . In the Word face window, there are cars for photoshop that you can share . The information on the ones applies . Drilled duck not Drive, Van Huy below is the children of you into . pig It is like other Arab software like Exciter before . I introduced you, then break the bao leo nè It shows the information . You work example. Click here she turns the basic color Swatch as always how to choose . Its protruding goes out to eat it itself what it is different from the side which is the Master background on this side . it manages in the form of a directory tree version 2020 on that directory.

Below the default if it is here then it from your default number helps it already . Out here for example you want to get a safe pig. Now, you can go in . Windows and select it for example on the right you don’t have . the patin wall then I open it will have a picture captured this time you see it? . In addition to the guys Van Pig for you to work, you also have one up . This place it cures a lot with this study you can see directly . manual tools are the same as the Photoshop soft properties . Below you have a lot of types of Player Channel Uncle Van you already know . then the Photoshop software is the only Super Very well known software . Very strong through each version, Photoshop has improved a lot . The feature so that you can mine your job to the essential . design from photoprinting to wedding photography on wedding photo processing and all.

Images related to the job found in the immediate careers . Yes I heard you can use this Photoshop software to create images . Image processing collage editor for your everyday work at . Here I introduce more to you the workspace is a space, a way . Not working if you have a lot of separate workspaces for example . like essential 3D 3D then is the workspace when you design it . If you have a 3D one, you will go to work space, it will give priority to the children . Tools Show the properties of 3D when your right hand is the door . The 3D book you see below when you process or work . With the object you go, 3D information will appear on the pig you go . You can work on what a graphic and web is for you . design the graphic and information graphics related to the web saying priority . For you the ones that bring me related to the graphic design and examples.

These characters are for menus and the Motion next to this blue window has one . Visit like to move your slideshow to make motion and create motion videos . just like the animated gifs from the satellite images of love being windowed . and for other artists who draw their own image on the field . Or use the template to defeat others, it will give priority to the children . Don’t worry about drawing jobs like this one is this workspace . The resulting clip you select the scabies in the easiest way . Should work, Thao Cat to draw classic cars is for people . Professional font design means cutting the Rapid seasons you can use . That story, it will give priority to the letters without electric letters for you to speak . but don’t you will work easily beyond some of the default wed Face . Photoshop’s, you can completely create for yourself a special source.

And you can do the example now without a tree . design like this and I pull a tan into Zumba here I can easily do . More work according to my way. Uh optimal back to the next day . Can’t work if you, what is it about this life . When you have all the machines, you don’t include them . the properties of the squeeze eg you change the shortcut key for one . If you save any object, then it will save all . Basic attributes here or all day, but there are 3 children Here I can pass . Just because for a while I saved the example now I’m in a face . afternoon viewing now I do not want effect . I belong to this Face too and I built the newly created camera when I came in to clean the tank . For new users, here is an arrangement . which I can play out is clicking. Here you guys can create your own . Design your own National Day filming you can work one by one.

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